Air conditioning systems

Installation of air conditioning systems to cold, heat, dehumidification, ventilation and indoor air renewal. Machine-air direct expansion, air-water machines for both fancoils installing ceiling, wall or floor, machinery ...

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Renewable energies

Installing water heating systems using renewable energies such as solar thermal panels, evacuated tube collectors, biomass boilers, etc.. These systems can be supportive...

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Filtration and air quality

Treatment of indoor air quality by filtering of air ventilation, fully automated systems with air quality sensors, simple and cheap maintenance.

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Entalpy Heat Recovery

Enthalpy heat recovery systems for recovering heat or cold in the indoor air, heating or cooling the intake air renewal. With these systems, we get back the energy that is lost when performing air changes ...


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Maintenance and repair troubleshooting

Prevent and corrective maintenance of boilers, burners, chillers, HVAC systems, hot air generators, etc. Combustion analyzes for thermal performance control equipment.

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